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We work hard to make sure your IT works for you

About Us

Professional Business IT Support Based In West Yorkshire

Get Business Class IT Support from a locally based Microsoft professional company
All our support options come with unlimited on-site and telephone support

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We work hard to make sure your IT works for you

Every consumer wants great service and fantastic value for money.

Rarely can they find both in one place. Panda IT Solutions mission is to make excellent service at affordable prices a reality.
All our services are built with the customer’s needs in mind first. From making sure 95% of our service calls are dealt with the same day,
to providing the very fastest available web hosting and fibre broadband platforms. All tailored to the consumer’s budget at super competitive prices.

Should you have questions about any of our services please call or email us and get your answers right away.

Our Awesome Team

Andy Leonard Brook

Andy Leonard Brook

Owner, Director & Project Engineer

Favourite Quote:
“Thanks for coming, you’ve been fantastic!”
Rob Pinder

Rob Pinder

Business Development Director

Favourite Quote:
“Data’s just data”
Adam McKane

Adam McKane

Lead Project Engineer

Favourite Quote:
“The top and bottom of it is this…”
Josh Fall

Josh Fall

Hardware Specialist

Favourite Quote:
“Let me sort that out for you”
Kerry Holmes-Booth

Kerry Holmes-Booth

HR & Office Administrator

Favourite Quote:
“I Love Cats!”

Andi Myers

Andi Myers

Radio Specialist

Favourite Quote:
“No sorry, it’s the other Andi.”

Kenzi Scott

Kenzi Scott

Social Media Manager

Favourite Quote:
“Fashion is like eating, don’t stick to the same menu.”

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Our Values

The IT support market is saturated and it’s tough. We have been able to survive and grow we think because of our culture and attitude towards our customers. When you call Panda IT for support, there’s no red tape, no ticketing system and no faceless technicians. When you have a problem its dealt with there and then and you will be speaking with the person who is fixing it for you. Instant support and complete transparent access to the people actually doing the work.


95% of our service calls are dealt with the same day.


Unlimited on site and telephone support


From as little as £749 for up to 5 PCs


Award winning Bitdefender Anti Virus

What We Do Best

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