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Backup and Storage Solutions

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Backup and Storage Solutions

The most important question you should ask yourself is “if your office burns down and all your devices, files and equipment burn with it, do you have all your data stored in an alternative offsite location where you can access all your files to carry on running your business.

Unforeseen bad things can happen to any company. When disaster strikes, it is important to act quickly to prevent further delays and minimise loss of earnings.

A Business Continuity Plan that is drawn up in advance can save your business in a time of crisis. (1) You need to act proactively instead of reactively because a reactive plan would be too late in this type of disaster.

Let us establish what backup and storage solutions are and what they entail. A backup is a copy of important data that is stored in an alternative location, so it can be recovered if deleted or if it becomes corrupt.

It is very important to make sure the 2 places that you have stored the data are not on the same device or in the same room, for example if you have 3 copies of the file on one computer and it crashes all files will be gone, therefore they need to be stored in separate locations.

Every business needs a disaster recovery plan. Most businesses rely on technical data to be able to perform their day-to-day tasks. There are many backup and recovery solutions out there that will protect your business. The 4 types that I personally think are most valuable are USB sticks, cloud storage solutions, external hard drives, and the good old fashioned printing method.

USB Stick

Small, cheap, and convenient. That basically sums a USB up, short and sweet. They are very cheap; they can easily transfer data from one source to another and they are possibly the most portable thing going as they are tiny. However, the size of them means they are easy to lose therefore you would probably not trust yourself to store your most important files on it.

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is off-site storage that is maintained by a third party. Cloud storage securely saves your data to a remote database that is accessed through an internet connection. Cloud storage makes automated backups of your data so even if you forget to backup your files it has already been taken care of.

With some Cloud Storage providers, you will get a certain amount of storage space free, then you can purchase upgrades whenever you need more. This is perfect if you have a high number of files as you can purchase an unlimited amount of space!

Personally, cloud storage is the best way to backup your files as they can never be burnt/corrupted in a fire or stolen/lost in an office. However, companies are not obliged to keep these services around forever and if you do not have an internet connection they cannot be accessed.

External Hard Drive

This is a hard drive that lives outside your computer, they are relatively cheap, and they have plenty of storage space for larger files. Just keep in mind if your hard drive is always stored next to your computer; if there was a disaster, would you still be able to access your files and the answer is no.


This may seem obvious, but it is a cheap and quick way to store files in multiple locations in case of a disaster. Printing eliminates the chance of hackers accessing your files or your files becoming corrupted from viruses. But obviously this method is not always ideal especially for larger files and the fact it is impossible for certain file types.

Backup and Storage recommendations

At Panda IT Solutions we use and recommend two cloud backup and storage solutions: DropBox and One Drive. One drive is included when you purchase Microsoft 365, therefore many companies use this cloud solution as it is reliable and normally part of their software package.

We offer Microsoft 365 packages that includes OneDrive as well as other products. The OneDrive Business package gives you 1 TB of storage, however, if your business requires more storage, this is possible with different packages. Please contact us for pricing. 

We offer Dropbox standard business packages, giving you 5 TB of storage for the whole company. However, the minimum number of users for this package is 3. We also offer the Dropbox advanced plan that allows you an unlimited amount of storage. Please contact us for pricing.

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