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Passwords   Let’s start with the main point of this blog; Passwords… The average UK adult has over 100 online accounts, which all require passwords. It is impossible to remember this many passwords especially if you’re doing it right and not using the same for every...

IT Infrastructure

IT Infrastructure Throughout the last 18 months, businesses have had to pivot the way they operate and the way they complete their work. It has been a challenge, but we have all pulled through and we are almost out the other end. Many of the changes that have been...

SSL Certificates

SSL Certificates When you hear terms such as SSL and other abbreviated technical language, it goes through one ear and out of the other, but some terms are actually very useful to know. Especially because our whole world evolves around technology now! SSL is short for...


E-Waste Saving the planet and being eco friendly is very much a trend nowadays. However, there is still not enough people following this in trend and taking it seriously. Recycling and being more “green fingered” has been around a while now and is so easy to maintain....

Overall Security

Having overall security for your business should be one of the most important aspects of running your company. Having a secure infrastructure in place allows you to safely run and maintain your business as well as protecting your employees and clients. This covers...

Web hosting

Web Hosting Small Business Web Hosting Let’s put this in a simpler form. Web hosting is when a hosting provider allocates space on a web server for a website to store its files and in most cases, a database. Web hosting allows the files that are embedded into the...