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Choosing the right IT support company for your business.

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All our support options come with unlimited on-site and telephone support

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Choosing the right IT Support company for your business.

The IT support market is saturated and its tough. Who should you go with? What type of support do you need? Is there even any difference from one company to the other? And what packages does my business actually require to grow and succeed?

At Panda you get business class IT support from a Yorkshire based Microsoft professional company, there is no red tape, no ticketing system and no faceless technicians. Instant support and complete transparent access to the people actually doing the work for you.

As an IT Support company, we tailor our services and packages to suit every client’s needs and budgets. Every client will have a slightly different package that we have altered specifically to meet their desired requirements. Our mission is to provide excellent service, at affordable prices.

We work alongside a whole range of businesses, whether you are a two-man band or a fully established business. Every business need IT support to allow their company to grow and excel and we can give you that support. Why should you choose Panda IT Solutions to be your IT middleman? 95% of calls are dealt with that day, when you call with a problem you are speaking directly to the engineer doing the work for you and We give you unlimited onsite and remote support, so whenever your IT has a down day, we are there to get you back up and running instantly.

We have a range of plans to suit any budget and any needs. Offering annual contracts, pay as you go (PAYG) plans and pay as you use plans; whatever you require and whatever way you want to pay we have a solution for you.

IT support covers a wide range of services, the services that we offer are:

  • IT support packages for small/medium and large businesses
  • Broadband packages
  • Web hosting packages
  • VoIP phone system plans

We can be your central IT health-technician and have all your IT worries covered under one roof! All our support plans can include onsite call outs, remote support, telephone support, maintenance of servers and workstations and any help with setting up smart phones and tablets. As mentioned above, the price for our plans vary. If you want a single annual contract with us, you get an unlimited amount of these features e.g., unlimited onsite, remote and telephone support. This support plan starts at £849 per year. However, if you just want to pay for support as you use it you will be paying in 1-hour blocks which starts at £55 per hour. This is perfect for them odd days when your IT needs that extra bit of help from a professional. Our final plan that we offer is support in time bundles. This starts at £185 and is suited to larger companies.

If you do not feel like these plans are right for you, we can tailor plans to suit your businesses specific needs, so please give us a call, we are happy to answer any questions 03333 660 200