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Overall Security

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Overall Security

Small Business Protection

Having overall security for your business should be one of the most important aspects of running your company. Having a secure infrastructure in place allows you to safely run and maintain your business as well as protecting your employees and clients.

This covers security features such as data, devices, employees, and anything linked directly to your business. Panda offer a tailored and unique secuirty solutions to give you peace of mind…

The 3 types of security

Management security is the overall design of your controls. Sometimes referred to as administrative controls, these provide guidance, rules, and procedures for the working environment. Basically, procedures for protecting assets.

Operational security is how you protect and safeguard sensitive information. This includes technical controls such as access controls, authentication, security networks, systems, and applications.

Physical security covers physical threats that could harm, damage, or disrupt business operations.

No.1 overall security risk for businesses

The most widespread threat that small businesses are facing is phishing attacks. They account for over 12 billion in business losses and have grown a colossal 65% over the last year!


A firewall is a network security device that monitors incoming and outgoing network traffic. Their ultimate job is to decide whether to block or allow specific traffic on your computer/network and is all based on a set of specific security rules.

A firewall is your first line of defence against threats. It acts as a wall between your device and the unauthorised software trying to destroy/corrupt your network. They are necessary when running a secure and successful business.

Firewalls can be bought independently as a physical piece of hardware. However, nowadays they are found as a piece of built-in software embedded in your router or part of your antivirus package. Which type of firewall can depend on what type of business/user you are.


Authentication is the process of verifying the identity of a user. For almost all accounts/devices verifying your identity is a 2-step process. This usually involves identifying yourself, then confirming who you say you are by a password.

There are many forms of authentication nowadays; Fingerprint ID, Face recognition ID, 2 factor authenticator and plain simple passwords. Passwords have never been so important as fraud and hacking is on the rise, therefore so is the need for strong unique password strategies.

A very good overall security feature that Apple have released is a strong password generator, so every time you set up a new account on any platform, it creates a strong/unique password, which is then stored in your key chain for later use!

2 factor authenticator is a great way to keep your business profiles and devices protected, as this requires 2 types of identity verification. The first one been your password, then the second normally in the form of a code, that is sent straight to your email or phone number that you can copy into the account.

Password tips

  • Use random password generator
  • Never put real answers to security questions
  • Do not use the same password for everything
  • Change passwords every few months
  • Use fingerprints on all devices
  • Use 2 factor authenticator when available

At Panda, we provide Professional IT Support to businesses around the UK. We can help protect your business by offering our award-winning Bitdefender Antivirus Software, technical advice from our IT Experts, and additional services to secure an uphold your business. You can view all our services we offer on our website or give us a call for free on 03333 660 200.



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