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Let’s start with the main point of this blog; Passwords… The average UK adult has over 100 online accounts, which all require passwords. It is impossible to remember this many passwords especially if you’re doing it right and not using the same for every account.

If you have superpower remembering skills then you may not need to read further, however for the average brain like mine, I need to have them stored somewhere that is easily accessible to me, but not accessible to others.

Many people use “the notes app” to store their passwords, however if your phone gets stolen, your whole life on the internet is open to everyone and anyone!

Password Managers

So, let’s talk Password Managers. Bitwarden, 1password, Last Pass and Keeper have all been rated the top sites to store your passwords. All 4 of them pretty much do the same job but they all have different strengths.

  • Bitwarden- Voted the best FREE Password manger, if you have a low budget this one is for you!
  • 1Password- Voted the most secure Password manager as they work alongside security experts.
  • Keeper- Voted the best 2-factor authenticator Password manager.
  • Last Pass- Voted the easiest to use Password manager.

I personally use Last Pass as it has all the features that are necessary to me. Their moto is simplicity and security, so if you’re not very technical, this is the safest password manager for you!

To get started you simply install the extension in your browser, create a master password and export all your accounts into LastPass. So, you can create super strong and unique passwords for each of your online accounts and they do all the hard (remembering) work for you. They even have an app that is available on App Store, Google Play and Windows Store, which makes it even easier to manage!

What to and not to Include in Your Passwords

When you go to create your password for any type of account you need to make sure it is strong, unique and memorable, however you also need to make sure no one would ever guess it! It’s hard but that’s why password managers are your best friends.

You could take your favourite phrase and use the first letter of each word from that particular phrase, your favourite fragrance, magazine, holiday destination etc… There are so many ways to create a unique password. Even though people may know your favourite fragrance, are they really going to try that to guess your password? Well, they might now after reading this blog :/

Never use personal dates in a password such as birthdays and anniversaries. Never use family/loved one’s names or even pet names as lots of people probably know this information and even if they don’t, they can easily find it through your social media accounts. Last of all, never us consecutive numbers in number passwords, that’s dangerous!!

Face ID and Touch ID

Face recognition and touch ID are accessible on most phones and tablets, however, are not a 100% useable feature on ordinary computers and laptops yet. But, as the use of phones and tablets is extremely high it is a worthwhile feature to talk about!

Both features are extremely secure as it’s not a guessing game, if you don’t have the exact same face or fingerprint then you can’t get access to that device, and I don’t see any clones walking around yet, do you?

Studies has shown there is a 1 in a million chance someone can access your phone through face recognition and a 1 in 500,000 chance through touch ID. So, I think your safe!

These features are very useful as they allow you to access accounts efficiently and securely. You can use them for Apple pay, banking apps, logging into devices and accounts, meaning you don’t have to remember passwords!

We are an IT Support company; therefore, we can do all the nitty gritty technical bits for you to improve your overall IT infrastructure. We can be your central IT technician, so if passwords need changing, you need new devices/computers, you gain more staff so they need emails and accounts setting up or if any of your IT goes down, we will have it up and running in no time. Having a support contract with panda is a great move for your business to grow and excel. Ring us for free to discuss prices and plans on 03333 660 200 or