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PC Specifications

Choosing the right PC for you and your business is important and sometimes tricky. That’s where we come in and take the worries out of your hands and into our own. Luckily were experts in the field so we can make these decisions quick and easy.

All we need from you is the answer to 3 simple questions. Then we can evaluate and choose according to your desired specifications.

  1. Do you want a desktop or laptop?
  2. What will you be using it for?
  3. What’s your budget?

Then the process is the following…

  • We find the necessary PC components
  • We order the components
  • We build the PC from scratch
  • We then send it straight to your business by courier or deliver it straight to your office by the very same engineer that has built it for you!

Most people who are picking a device for their office choose a PC over a Laptop, for many reasons; One been that PCs are based around the ability to swap and change components, to customise the PC to the customer’s specific needs, such as RAM, SSD and Graphic cards.

Laptop components cannot be easily changed therefore if you need to upgrade for higher spec components you would be better upgrading the full laptop.

Whenever we build your PC we customise it to your exact needs, wants and budget. Every part of a PC can be changed so every PC we build is different. Some businesses that we work with require specific components to carry out their day-to-day tasks, so we must consider each individual part, this includes:

  • SSD (storage)
  • Processor (the brain of the PC)
  • RAM (temporary storage)
  • Power Supply (allows the PC to fire up)
  • The Motherboard (where everything connects together)
  • Graphics Card (allows the creation of images, videos, and animations to appear on screen)

The most important question is what you are using the PC for. For example, if you are an architect and use 3D modelling and rendering software, you will require higher RAM memory and a higher quality graphics card to enhance the quality of the graphics shown on your screen. In this kind of industry, the higher spec components the better, however if the budget doesn’t stretch that far the RAM and Graphics card are the most important. This is same for businesses such as scaffolding companies when they are building models of their scaffolding structures on their PC, to then create in real life.

Building a gaming PC is also very different as you basically want everything to be the highest specifications you can push your wallet to! The Processor which is the brain of the PC needs to be at least an i7 or above, also having a higher quality Motherboard will influence the performance of the Processor too. When we build gaming PCs for our customers, we always suggest using a graphics card with at least 4GB or above and the minimum RAM would be 12GB to really get the best out of your gaming software.

There are many jobs where higher quality PCs are needed, from scientists modelling proteins in a lab, multimedia editing of videos and graphics, to gamers trying to run two different games on one machine.

We can build any PC you desire, if all the parts are available and we can get our hands on them, your PC will be built in no time, and delivered right to your door!

Give us a call or an email to discuss your dream PC. 😊

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