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Small Business Cyber Security: How Do Website Hacks Happen?

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So, you’ve set up your business, it’s doing well, then out of nowhere your site is down and you’re not getting any traffic! Your small business cyber security has been compromised! It happens, interestingly hackers are more likely to target smaller companies who aren’t as large.

The feeling is that small business cyber security isn’t as important. Huge companies spend six figures annually on securing their digital data. It’s important. Interestingly, what this means is that criminals are much more likely to target smaller businesses. Why? Because…small business cyber security isn’t as important.

Except it is.

a laptop with code demonstrating how small business cyber security is important

Why Small Business Cyber Security Is Important?

Small businesses are easier targets. As we’ve established, large businesses and corporations spend hundreds of thousands on cyber security. This means that businesses who don’t have that sort of spending power become an attractive prospect.

Essentially, it’s easier to rob a small shop than it is a bank. Now, imagine that shop had vaults, panic buttons, a direct line to the emergency services. That shop suddenly becomes a less enticing prospect to rob. This is precisely why small business cyber security is important. Make your business a less enticing prospect!

It doesn’t have to cost the world either, our small business website hosting packages come with a whole host of hacker-busting security features as standard. Now, feel free to go elsewhere for your small business cyber security needs! This whole blog is about why small business cyber security is important.

As a small business your success is your life. If it fails, then you’re not getting paid. If a cyber attack happens on a large business, it’s not great, but not a killer. It will have other marketing channels, other means of income. Small business owners do not have that luxury.

70-80% of customers will go elsewhere if a business doesn’t have a website. As a statistic, that’s not surprising – though it is somewhat alarming. If your site is down, potential customers will go elsewhere. Would you wait until you favourite site is up and running? It’s unlikely! So, from a business point of view, it’s incredibly important to keep your site up and running – customers won’t stick around.

How Does Small Business Cyber Security Get Compromised?

Unfortunately, the reality is that under a dedicated, professional cyber attack, most websites will be compromised. Recent research shows that Russian hackers are the best at this, gaining access to a website’s sensitive information in minutes.

The silver lining is that this is unlikely to affect real small businesses. Hackers of that calibre aren’t going after small businesses – they’re targeting government organisations.

Small business cyber security compromises generally come from suspicious emails. Over 90% of all cyber attacks originate from phishing emails. This figure is a little more concerning when we consider that a 78% of employees will click on a link on a suspicious email when at work.

The takeaway here is that email security is just as important. It’s often an aspect that is overlooked when we consider web security but it’s more often than not that serious breaches occur due to social engineering than they do a brute force attack. So, it is imperative that the website’s security is in order, as is the email security, alongside the awareness of the staff.

What happens if the worst should happen? Well, 95% of our client’s technical issues are dealt with on the same day which the call was made. No ticketing systems here. As standard, all our hosting also offers daily website back ups and unlimited support should the worst happen. Not that the worst often happens, every hosting package we offer also guarantees a 99.95% uptime!

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