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Web Hosting

Small Business Web Hosting

Let’s put this in a simpler form. Web hosting is when a hosting provider allocates space on a web server for a website to store its files and in most cases, a database. Web hosting allows the files that are embedded into the website (e.g., Pictures, videos, and codes) available to view online.

There are 3 main types of hosting solutions you can choose from: Shared web hosting, virtual private servers (VPS) and Dedicated servers. The major difference in the solutions is the price, and this is ultimately based on the amount of storage you need for your website files and how many visitors you need to cater.

Shared web hosting

Most small businesses go for a Shared Hosting plan, as it is the most cost effective and normally has all the features necessary to host their website.

Shared web hosting is when a single physical server hosts multiple sites. Companies or users each get a section of a server to host their website files. Shared servers can host 100’s of users.

Why choose shared web hosting? In addition to it been the most cost-effective solution, it also takes stress off your shoulders, as your server provider takes on the responsibility of maintaining and upholding your website files for you!

Despite the great benefits of shared web hosting, they are limitations on storage space. If other websites on your server grow or have traffic spikes it can push your website to the fringes, resulting in slow performance and slow loading times for your website visitors.

The Difference between shared web hosting and VPS

Websites on a VPS still share a server. However, the difference is each site on the server has an allocated amount of space and resources, minimizing the impact other sites can have on your own.

Therefore, it is so important to choose the correct hosting solution for you. If you require lots of storage space, you may need to opt for a VPS, as this allows you to have consistently more storage space. But if you’re a first-time website owner, normally shared hosting plans are your best option. Resulting in price Vs recourses.

Panda’s plans

We have plans to suit every need. We supply reliable website hosting packages on our servers with our main aims being security and reliability. We have storage plans ranging from 1GB, which is our Panda Silver package, right the way through to Panda Adamantium which gives you 20GB storage. Whatever you require, we can tailor our plans to fit your needs!

Call us for free to see what plans and prices we offer, and to discuss what plan is right for you!

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web hosting
web hosting