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What Is A Business IT Solutions Company?

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Sounds strange doesn’t it? A business IT solutions company is a bit Ronseal – it does what it says on the tin. A business IT solutions company provides, well, IT solutions for businesses.

Except it’s a little deeper than that, a good business to business IT company should become an extension of your business, they should understand your needs challenges and ambitions – how else could they provide a great service without understanding you? In short, they can’t.

The term IT solutions is quite a broad term. In reality, we’re talking about any sort of technological solution to a problem(s) which your business may face. For relatively fresh businesses, there will be a few! From finding the right broadband packages through to ensuring that your website is safe and secure, everything needs to be considered.

In short, a business IT solutions company is a one-stop-shop for everything IT related. This means no shopping around, no dealing with multiple companies – everything in one place with just one point of contact.

Why Use A Business IT Solutions Company?

As a business owner, you may well be tech savvy, you might know your SSL from your sub-domains. Great stuff! However, running your own business is a time consuming process. Do you really have the time to be dealing with day-to-day dramas when there’s a business to run?

Probably not.

Step forward a business IT solutions company to take all the onus off you. Have your broadband, website hosting, communications and support all taken care of, allowing you do to what you do best.

A Laptop reading "over a decade of delivering exceptional business IT solutions". Around the out there are the services broadband, bespoke support, VoIP, website hosting.

Support brings us onto the next point, and it’s an important one. What happens when something goes wrong? Do you ring up your broadband company only to be referred to the company hosting your website, to then be put in a ticketing system until the problem is solved.

As Benjamin Franklin quipped in 1748, “time is money”.

What a good business IT solutions provider offers is IT support. Therefore, in a shameless bit of self-promotion, that is exactly what Panda offer.

IT support is something which is overlooked when searching for the right IT company and it’s something we think is vitally important. When things go wrong, you just want them fixed don’t you? No messing about in queues, no being passed from pillar to post – just fix the issue!

We think the same, that’s why 95% of all of our support calls are responded to on the same day that the call was made. All our IT solutions come with bespoke support. Don’t have any solutions from us? Not a problem – take a look at our IT support packages, including a pay as you go package…why should you pay for something you’ve not used?!

So to summarise, a (good) business IT solutions company will support your business giving you the peace of mind that all the technical aspects of your business are chugging away nicely in the background, working as they should.

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