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Why Small Business Cyber Security Is More important Now More Than Ever

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Cyber security, a phrase that’s thrown around and may feel like something which is a daunting prospect or even not really relevant from small medium enterprises (SMEs). The reality is, however, that small business cyber security is just as important for the digital security of huge corporations.

It’s all relative isn’t it. As a small business, if you fall victim to a cyber attack, and your site is down for a number of hours the reputational knock-on is likely to be felt in your wallet much more than a huge corporation. Consider that 66% of business who were the victim of a cyber attack were unsure whether they could recover. In a study, 71% of people asked said they were concerned about their personal or financial information stolen. In the same study, only 40% of those asked were concerned about a break in to their home.

Of course statistics can be misleading. What is evident is that the threat of a cyber attack is something which is at the forefront of the public’s worries. Couple this with the fact that cyber criminals attack even the smallest of businesses and it’s clear why small business cyber security is increasingly talked about.

There are various ways in which cyber criminals will attempt to breach a website, however a recent study found that 91% of all cyber attacks begin with a phishing email. This is even more concerning when we consider that 78% of employees will still click on a link in a suspicious looking email. It’s very much a case of curiosity killed the cat.

Obviously, education will form part of your defence, and the government website has some useful advice on it, but it’s certainly not the be all and end all. It’s effectively impossible to protect yourself fully for a dedicated cyber attack, but it’s important to mitigate the risk.

Security should be at the forefront of whomever is in charge of your web hosting. We’re a big believer in the importance of small business cyber security, this is why we offer a whole host of security features with all of our website hosting packages.

An image representing small business cyber security. It is a laptop with a closed golden padlock in front of it

Small Business Cyber Security: Facts and Figures

This might read as a bit doom and gloom, please don’t think it is. We just want you to take small business cyber security as seriously as we do. There are some audacious facts and figures out there, but they’re worth taking note of. For example, in 2021 the amount of cyber attacks rose by 40% when compared with attacks in 2020. This equates to an attack every 40 seconds, about the time it take you to post on social media.

It’s important to remember, however, that an attack is not necessarily successful, an attack is just an attempt by a hacker to gain unauthorised access to a website by unscrupulous means. That being said, half of UK businesses reported a breach or attack in 2018.

What is concerning is the amount of data already out there, by March 2019 nearly 15 billion data records had been lost or stolen as a result of cyber criminals. Only 4% of these data breaches were secure, a secure data breach means the data gain is encrypted and therefore useless.

For most a great deal of small business, their website is their main shop window. If a website is down for just a few hours, that website’s search engine rankings can be damaged by up to 30%! This is a little disheartening, all that SEO work which you have paid for or done yourself, eroded by your site being down.

This does point to the importance of reliable as well as secure web hosting. As standard all the websites which we host are backed up daily, so should the worst happen wen can get you up and running in no time at all!

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