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10 Reasons Why VoIP is Great For Your Small Business

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Before we start discussing why VoIP is right for your small business, let’s quickly cover off what VoIP actually is. VoIP stands for ‘voice over internet protocol’, but that’s a bit of a mouthful, so we’ll stick with VoIP. Unlike a traditional phone line, calls are sent and received over the internet making the whole process much more cost effective

Voice Over Internet Protocol is Cheap

The big one! We all like saving money, I’m sure there’s even been instances when you’ve been searching around for better phone deals without even considering using a broadband connection you already pay for to facilitate calls. Line rentals, dedicated phones lines and call charges are all non-existent with VoIP – even for international calls!

Traditionally, with business phone lines a you would shop around, decide the business requirements and estimate business growth and choose a suitable amount of lines and numbers. More often than not, these are overestimated – meaning you’re paying for lines which aren’t actually in use.

As VoIP lines and numbers can be actioned immediately, there’s no need to err on the (expensive) side of caution when it comes to phone provisions.

Your VoIP Infrastructure Is In Place

Do you have a broadband connection? Then you’re ready to switch over. It’s that easy.

It sounds odd, upgrading technology generally means costly hardware upgrades, but this isn’t the case. The only real outlay may need is a voice over internet protocol ready IP phone. It could be that you just need an adaptor for your current business phones.

In fact it’s so easy to set up we offer free installation as standard – alongside a host of other standard features. If you’re interested, take a look at our business VoIP solutions.

Don’t worry, this isn’t a sales blog though, we’re not about a hard sell, we’re about helping!

ISDN Is Being Retired

Integrated services digital network was cutting edge when it was rolled out by BT back in 1988. It facilitated instant digital voice, video and data transmission. The issue being, that was 34 years ago. The costly ISDN was overtaken by ADSL (basic broadband) back in the 90’s, but many small offices still have ISDN capabilities.

The kicker here is that ISDN finally being put out to pasture in 2025, don’t get left behind when it does go. It’s much better to be proactive than reactive.

The Ideal Remote Working Solution

If the past few years has taught us anything in business, it’s that we need to be flexible. VoIP allows for mobile phones to be connected to office phones, effectively redirecting calls to your office number straight to your mobile phone. This is often a much easier solution than, setting up Zoom calls or even taking messages for people when they’re working remotely. Connectivity with one number, no need to be handing out mobile numbers.

Expectations to work out of office hours has certainly become a factor since COVID reared its ugly head. VoIP call forwarding can be time scheduled so as not to interrupt some much needed unwinding time in the evenings.

VoIP at the centre of an image connecting offices and homes, demonstrating the connectivity

Address Post Code Snobbery

It’s a thing that happens, perhaps a you’ve lost business because you don’t have a sought after London number? It sounds vain, but unfortunately, it’s a reality. Virtual offices are an option of course, but simply setting up a VoIP line with a London number is, again, much cheaper.

We can go one step further with it, if you have dealings on an international scale – set up a number for the country where you have business. Customers and clients are much more likely to ring a local number than an international one. International numbers are an instant barrier. Think about it, how often have you thought about ringing someone only to see it’s a US number and not bothered? Completely cut out all these issues with voice over internet protocol.

VoIP Has Excellent Call Quality

When VoIP first came into being back in the mid-90’s it was bereft with issues. Once of the main setbacks with VoIP is that it was a little too ahead of its time, call quality wasn’t great and often dropped out as the internet infrastructure was often too poor to support it.

Fast forward nearly a decade to 2003 and as internet capabilities improved, so did VoIP; that year 25% of global calls were made using VoIP.

Jump to 2018 and the VoIP sector is worth $20bn. Why such a meteoric rise? Well, as internet improved, the few issues which dogged the start have long been addressed and forgotten about. Now, we can expect crystal clear communication whether we’re calling downstairs or Downtown New York.

Short VoIP Contracts

Ok, admittedly, this isn’t true of all VoIP providers, but it’s certainly true of Panda IT Solutions. With traditional phone lines, you can be tied into lengthy and expensive monthly contracts. We offer an attractive month-by-month rolling contract solution with a 30 day cancellation period as standard.

Like we said, we really do want to support your small business!

Cloud Based VoIP

Cloud solutions have become the norm recently and it’s a bit of a buzzword to throw about. What benefits do you see from a cloud based VoIP solution? Well, flexibility and scaleability. Any changes to your initial set up can be made instantly without any hassle. All changes are done remotely, so there’s no waiting around for somebody to come out and make any changes you need.

This is great for fast moving businesses, need something doing now? Not a problem, just ring up! Moving offices? It’s easy, just plug your phones in and you’re good to go.

Never Miss A Voicemail

We’ve all done it, you see that you’ve got a voicemail and go to listen to it only to realise there’s another one there from a week ago. That could have been a lead, that could have been money in your pocket! One of the many benefits of this particular small business IT solution is the voicemail to email facility.

Every voicemail gets emailed to you as an attachment meaning you can listen to it at your leisure and, more importantly, you’ll never miss a message again!

VoIP is Future-Proof

Future-proof, another word which is bandied around quite a bit, and quite a claim to make. VoIP however can claim to be future proof, as long as the internet is a thing, VoIP will be a thing. Choosing to switch over to voice over internet protocol means you put your small business in a fantastic position. All your communications are scaleable, fantastic quality, and cost effective.

Landlines were the backbone of communication for a while until the mobile phone came about, however as an entity, VoIP is not where we’re headed – it’s where we are and will be for some time.

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