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Wi-Fi Systems

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Wi-Fi Systems

I am sure anyone who is reading this knows what Wi-Fi is and how Wi-Fi systems work, but I am just going to briefly cover it anyway! Wi-Fi works on the same principal as other wireless devices; it uses radio frequencies to send signals between wireless enabled devices.

Wireless networking eliminates the tedious process of running cables between various equipment, allowing devices to stay connected to the internet but roam untethered to any cables.

In many homes and small businesses, you will most likely find (WPAN) Wireless Personal Area Networks. These are short range networks that connect devices within a relatively small area.

What are access points and when are they required?

An access point is a device that creates or repeats a wireless network which can be found in a variety of different environments, one being a large office space. An access point normally connects to a wired (LAN) Local Area Network switch via an ethernet cable to allow network access through the wireless access point to the LAN.

If you want to access the Wi-Fi signal in different rooms other than your main office, such as reception, meeting rooms or other floors in the building, but you do not have a wireless router within range, an access point can be installed in these locations to enable Wi-Fi in these areas.

Advantages of access points and Wi-Fi systems

Mass connectivity

Access points can connect over 60 devices, depending on which access point you choose. Some can handle 1000+. This is great for larger businesses as they usually require lots of devices to be connected to the internet, including phones, laptops, printers etc…


Access points allow users to roam freely from room to room, office to office, without experiencing a loss of connection. Businesses need seamless wireless internet signals to perform their everyday tasks, therefore Wi-Fi access points help you do just that!


Wi-Fi systems, including access points, eradicate messy cables laying around the office and allow users to connect their laptop straight away from anywhere within the access points reach, rather than having to be plugged into one dedicated area.

Ubiquiti Wi-Fi systems

Ubiquiti products are enterprise grade, so even if you opt for the lower tier access points, you are still getting an enterprise level device. They have access points designed for home use right through to high density enterprise use, for example schools, hotels, offices and even stadiums!

When a customer requests a Wi-Fi system solution, for example, access points from us at Panda, we use and highly recommend Ubiquiti. Ubiquiti devices allow us to remotely manage, maintain, monitor and update your Ubiquiti products and are a very reliable and trustworthy brand.

Contact us for pricing, plans and products. We will help build your Wi-Fi infrastructure with the necessary Wi-Fi products for you and your business!


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Wi-Fi systems
Wi-Fi systems